Fallout for Android Phone – download

UPDATE: newest version: 30 June 2012


What you have to do to play Fallout on your Android Phone?
1. Copy installed Fallout directory to /sdcard/
2. Apk file needed to run Fallout 1  DOWNLOAD
3. Files that need to be paste into a directory of Fallout, necessary to run Fallout 1 DOWNLOAD

Remember that FALLOUT directory must be in place of your phone which one is visible as /sdcard/ otherwise the game will not start. Write your observations below in the comments :)

How to get better performance?
1. uninstall previous apk
2. delete dosbox.conf file form /sdcard/ directory
3. install version from 30 june 2012

Devices on which you can play Fallout:
1. Motorola Atrix – mostly smooth
2. Samsung Galaxy S II – mostly smooth
3. Samsung Galaxy S Plus – starts quickly, works well after 13 april verssion
4. Motorola RAZR –  mostly smooth
5. Motorola XOOM/XOOM 2 –  mostly smooth
6. HTC Sensation –  mostly smooth
7. SE Xperia Neo V – starts quickly, works well after 13 april verssion
8. LG GT540 Swift – starts, but does not run smoothly … nay, it\’s a miracle that starts up

If you wanna to see your device on these list, please download Falldroid apllication and write your opinnion in coments :)”,”Fallout na komórkę – pobierz


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