Fallout for Android Phone – download

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UPDATE: newest version: 30 June 2012


What you have to do to play Fallout on your Android Phone?
1. Copy installed Fallout directory to /sdcard/
2. Apk file needed to run Fallout 1  DOWNLOAD
3. Files that need to be paste into a directory of Fallout, necessary to run Fallout 1 DOWNLOAD

Remember that FALLOUT directory must be in place of your phone which one is visible as /sdcard/ otherwise the game will not start. Write your observations below in the comments icon smile Fallout for Android Phone   download

How to get better performance?
1. uninstall previous apk
2. delete dosbox.conf file form /sdcard/ directory
3. install version from 30 june 2012

Devices on which you can play Fallout:
1. Motorola Atrix – mostly smooth
2. Samsung Galaxy S II – mostly smooth
3. Samsung Galaxy S Plus – starts quickly, works well after 13 april verssion
4. Motorola RAZR -  mostly smooth
5. Motorola XOOM/XOOM 2 -  mostly smooth
6. HTC Sensation -  mostly smooth
7. SE Xperia Neo V – starts quickly, works well after 13 april verssion
8. LG GT540 Swift - starts, but does not run smoothly … nay, it\’s a miracle that starts up

If you wanna to see your device on these list, please download Falldroid apllication and write your opinnion in coments :)”,”Fallout na komórkę – pobierz

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  • manutdsa

    LG Optimus 2X ( P990 )
    It works but no sound

  • Dynamiczny


    Próbowałem właśnie na HTC Wildfire S ;)

    Doszedłem do ekranu „Loading Fallout_” i niestety dalej nie da rady :)

    Ramu wolnego mam około 200MB, może to za mało.. ;)

    Pozdrawiam i gratulacje :)


  • kukunamuniu

    Na Tracer OVO 1.2 działa, ale nawet z plikiem konfiguracyjnym nie jest zbyt płynne.

  • tester

    Działa na Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000? Testował ktoś?

  • robin

    hey, i did evrything you said, but the game wont start, it just sends me to the dosbox saying: illegal command: fallout.


  • Jared

    I followed the instructions that you provided, and placed everything in proper folders. However, when i run the apk it attempts to start and then gives a message „cannot find master data file”. Does that mean it will not run on my device or am i doing something wrong?

    My phone model is a sony ericsson: xperia play.

    Also @ Robin, you need to have the fallout folder placed directly in the /sdcard/ folder. The command setup they have running for it in the apk works from the /sdcard/. If you put it in any subdirectory or other directory you’ll get back „illegal command: fallout”

  • Welton Tyr


    Bem eu instalei o Fallout 1 no meu XPERIA MINI , no caso o jogo rodou legal, mas tem um problema de sincronismo! fica lerdo e com som cortando, será alguma configuração do FALLDROID? e parabens foi facil a instalação… Boa noite a todos.

  • robin

    thx for the advice jared, but still same thing :S

  • mathew lee

    Dude I would love to have ur app but unfortunately I don’t have any of the phones u listed if u could make one for my phone that would b highly appreciated I have an Samsung android model SCH-M828C I’m like a huge fallout fan and u guys made the greatest program ever

    • Janek

      you can try to run, this is only list of tested phones. falldroid is runnig on all Android Devices, but not for all the game is playable. Cheers :)

  • http://ziomal ziomal

    works on samsung galaxy s2:)

    • rtel

      how did u do that?

  • Sduibek

    I have the T Mobile G2, can’t get this to work at all :( I’ve used two different apps, both give an error trying to unpack your rar file.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mihajlokarlicic Mihajlo Karličić

    You have to buy/download the game and install it on your computer first. Then you have to copy the files from the install directory on your sd card and than copy the files form step 3. and instal the apk files from step 2.

  • raynor009

    I have Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300. The game starts slow, and does not run very smooth. It’s not really playable but hey I got fallout on my phone ;D

    • falcon slayer

      u sure if it even runs its a miracle for us both because i use ace so hell yeah

  • Mike

    Hello. i am very big fan of fallout but i cant make it work on my phone could you please write a step by step manual here on the page ? :) i would be very happy since i am really bad in things like this :-) thanks for your time

    • http://geekon.com.pl/ Adam Foryś

      everything is in instruction. what is your phone model and what isn’t understood in instruction?

      • Mike

        my phone is Samsung nexus…my problem is that android says that C is mounted as local directory „sdcard” but when i want to mount fallout directory or i write the way to start fallout.exe it says that the directory or file does not exist

        • Mike

          and sometimes when i copy my fallout.exe to sdcard it says „could not find the master data file. please make sure the fallout CD is in the drive and that you are running fallout from the directory you installed it to”

          • http://geekon.com.pl/ Adam Foryś

            It should be like this /sdcard/fallout/{here put your files}
            but remeber u cannot put files to /sdcard/sdcard/fallout.

  • Mike

    I made my fallout 1 running on my mobile (Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250) but it is really slow :- it should not be because my mobile is kinda fast could you tell me something to do with it ?

  • Damien

    first of all thanks!
    it works pretty good, but, when I run its unbearably slow. is there anyway to fix that?

    • Mike

      i have the same problem bro :) i checked all dosbox manuals on android dosbox then i bought dosbox turbo and i tried to max the speed…its faster but still slow :-D right now i am trying to run fallout 2 on windows 95 android emulator but i cant mount .iso file there :-( if anyone knows how to do that please write here some hints :-)

  • JudgeDeath

    xperia pro works,but slow

  • Anonymous

    Pretty awesome idea you have going on. I can’t help but think it would be cooler to totally rebuild fallout one with the top down view, update its ability to process and play on android phones and tablets with brand new coding and add new graphics, updated text and so on and so fourth. You would make a killing. if you did the work you could probably get bethesda or havok involved and break bank. I’d do it but I have add and could never focus on it. Believe me I tried to recode arena and did a weeks worth of work and said fuck it.

  • rtel

    yea i have been trying this for i wile now,,, just does not work in any way

  • rtel

    it keeps sending me 2 dosbox with the error illigal command fallout

  • http://www.facebook.com/vaclavjarous Venca Jarouš

    On HTC Desire works, but really slowly


    installed on xperia go, runs little slower bit fine, but cant size whole screen is there any way to set lower resolution?

  • RolandDeschain79

    Hi Fallout Fans

    Checkout how to run Fallout 1 & 2 on Android, with sounds and mods. Please like and subscribe as well. You can find download links in the description of my video on YouTube. Use the Beta version if you wish to run the restoration patch but note you must remove the Sfall files from your install directory.

    Watch Here!



  • TERS

    There is on NMA another project of „Fallout on Android” and it works. http://www.nma-fallout.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=62312

  • falcon slayer

    tested on s5830i aka ace-i it works. game starts up within a few seconds but a bit laggy but still playable. but i can use every bit of advice to make it less laggy.

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